The Wastes

No one really knows what happened.
The sky grew black and cold.
Terrible earthquakes shook the world.
The wind blown ash choked all life.
But after three days it past.

The sun arose once more but the damage was done.
Ninety-nine percent of the world’s population did not awake that morning, and the ones who did where in for a surprise.

The world had changed.

Almost over night both man and beast seemed to leap several million years through their evolutionary processes. Plants grew fierce and many began to consume flesh. Animals mutated into monstrous beasts. And man… man changed as well.

No longer chained to social norms many began raiding. Taking what they wanted with no regard for personal property or human life. The world ran red with blood and lawlessness.

Then the mutations started. Many of these creatures were killed at birth and almost all were banished from their communities or raised in secrecy.

The world we live in now is nothing more than a brutal used up husk, just waiting to consume itself in one final battle to the death.

These are The Wastes.

The Wastes

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